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Vacation For Life!

Ever sit at your 9-5 job wishing you could be elsewhere? Ever think about all the places you dream of visiting but can never find the time to make it there? Throughout our lives we are faced with career decisions that impact where we end up. One of the ways...
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10 Reasons to Dive with Sea Experience

The Dive Boat: Sea Experience 2 is a beautiful 45’ Corinthian catamaran with a spacious deck, a glass bottom window and outfitted to accommodate scuba divers, snorkelers and sightseers.This dive and snorkel boat has many amenities for our passengers; among which include a large glass bottom viewing window, fresh water...
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Now THAT’S Salty!

As scuba divers, the typical dive environment we dive in is salt water. Yes, there are many fresh water options for scuba diving, however, salt water is still the majority favorite for diving options.  The world’s oceans provide us fantastic dives with fish and creatures that only exist in salt water. ...
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