Dive Shop Staff & Crew

The crew on board the SEA EXPERIENCE harbors quite a mix of knowledge, but they all share one thing in common, the love for the sea. Each of the crew members are experienced scuba divers and you may get to see one of them hop into the water with their gear on to add to the excitement! They all enjoy sharing their time on the water with our guests and pointing out things of interest. All the crew work for tips and if you so desire, gratuities are greatly appreciated. So without further ado, let’s introduce the crew!


Bill Cole

Dive Shop Staff & Crew Bill ColeCaptain Bill has been running dive/snorkel vessels for over 30 years and is one of the most experienced boat captain’s in South Florida. Bill started diving on his honeymoon in Grand Cayman in 1977 and it’s been hard to keep him out of the water ever since. Completing scuba instructor training in 1979, Bill began teaching diving at the University of Georgia. In 1988, Bill brought the first glass bottom boat to Fort Lauderdale that ran daily charter. He had spent the previous year training the fish on a shallow reef that he named “Fort Lauderdale Twin Ledges”. To this day the fish come to greet the boat when it arrives at the site.

Bill became a PADI Course Director in 1993, this is the highest instructor rating attainable with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). He has trained thousands of instructors who are now employed around the world. In 1993, Bill was among the first group of elite divers awarded the Platinum Pro 5000 certification by SSI (Scuba Schools International). Divers in this group have over 5000 SCUBA dives. Bill loves taking passengers out for tours to the coral reef whether it is in the water or just pointing out things of interest through the boat’s glass bottom windows.

Favorite Local Dive Site – Loves revisiting Willies Way which he helped find and name.
Favorite Local Restaurant – You can find him at Subway almost every day for a bite to eat.

Genevieve Sparg

Dive Shop Staff & CrewGenevieve Sparg has been scuba diving for twenty-two years, including fourteen years as a professional instructor, expedition leader, senior manager and technical consultant. She immigrated to the United States in 1996 after earning a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Molecular Biology at the University of Natal in South Africa. Genevieve has trained beginning divers in Zanzibar, dived with aggressive 800-lb. leopard seals on the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean, handled Humboldt squid in the Sea of Cortez and swam amongst dozens of whales, hundreds of gannets, thousands of sharks and dolphins and billions of sardines during the South African Wild Coast’s annual Sardine Run. She’s also climbed to the top of the food chain as a diving educator and trainer, and has won numerous accolades and citations in the course of introducing novices to the oceans and preparing aspiring professionals for careers in the industry. Genevieve is one of the few individuals in the world holding the rank of Platinum Course Director from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), is certified to teach 21 PADI specialties and is an Instructor Trainer for Divers Alert Network (DAN). Not one to neglect the adventurous side of life, Genevieve ventured into the perilous and challenging waters of American entrepreneurial life and founded PG Dive, the highly acclaimed PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center in Newton, Massachusetts. Professional Diving Schools of Florida (Pro Dive International), established in 1975, was the first PADI Career Development Center in the world and the most prestigious institution in the global scuba training industry. In 2007 Genevieve accepted Pro Dive’s offer of a senior leadership position as Course Director and assumed responsibility for preparing the industry’s next generation of top-rank scuba professionals. Now residing in Ft. Lauderdale, she’s currently shepherding Pro Dive through an historic re-organization and doing occasional engagements as a technical consultant for scuba equipment procurement and motor yacht outfitting.

Favorite Local Dive Site – Houseboat-for it’s wreck-reef combo
Favorite Local Restaurant – Sublime for it’s unique food and beverages and Meal-in-a Pie, the local South African Grocery


Tyler Cole

Dive Shop Staff & CrewTyler was born and raised in South Florida and has been scuba diving since he was ten years old. Tyler graduated Cum Laude from Florida State University with a Bachelors degree in Finance, and is currently pursuing his Executive Masters of Science in Finance at Florida Atlantic University. He brings a great deal of experience to the team as Sea Experience’s Operations Manager.  Tyler is also a PADI certified Open Water Scuba Instructor. 

Favorite Local Dive Site – The wreck of the Jim Atria, max depth ~135′.
Favorite Local Hangout
– Enjoying a cold beer at the Royal Pig on Las Olas.

Captain Mateo Torres

MateoCaptain Mateo is also a PADI Staff Instructor, Mateo enjoys scuba diving and sharing those experiences with others. Mateo’s passion is working on the ocean. He enjoys passing on the knowledge he has to students and to teach them to dive with respect to the marine life and to leave only bubbles! He has been diving since 2000 and became a PADI Instructor in 2006. Mateo has dived Florida and the Bahamas.

Favorite Local Dive Site – Can’t resist an exciting dive at Hog Heaven.
Favorite Local Hangout– Enjoys a relaxing evening at home with his dog.


Captain Rob Maxey

Rob PhotoRob was born  in Texas and grew up in Arizona. Despite growing up in such an arid climate Rob always had a love of the water, be it swimming, skiing, or snorkeling. After graduating high school he lived in several states throughout the country before settling in Indiana for 18 years. While living in Indiana he discovered sailing and finally indulged his desire to experience life at the bottom of the ocean. Rob received his Open Water Diver certification in 1998. That same year he also he also bought his first sailboat and began captaining, crewing, and racing sailboats. Working in a career that included extensive travel, Rob was able to dive around the world including Australia, the Caribbean and the US.  In 2013 the love of water overtook Rob and he left his previous career to become a professional scuba diver and boat captain. Rob is now enjoying the sweet life of a 50 ton Captain with sail endorsement and PADI Dive Instructor. 


Ryne Kriske

Ryne KriskeRyne is a mythical creature among us, being born and raised in Florida, Hobe Sound to be exact. Living on the coast his whole life, Ryan developed a love for the ocean at a young age. Ryne has been diving for 11 years but his passion is not limited to the ocean, he generally enjoys anything that is outdoors. One of the things you may find him doing on his day off is going diving and spearfishing in other parts of Florida. Additionally, Ryan enjoys baseball, bowling and he knows sign language. Ryne earned his PADI Divemaster certification in February 2014 and soon after earned his PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification. His passion for teaching scuba has led him to earning the rating of PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with the goal of earning PADI IDC Staff Instructor next.



Daniela Escontrela

Dani ExcontrelaDani is from Venezuela, has loved the ocean ever since she can remember and has been diving for 5 years. She got her Divemaster the summer of 2011 with Sea XP, soon after turning 18, and got her dream job of working at a dive shop shortly after the completion of the course.

She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a marine biologist by attending the University of Miami while also working at the shop. Dani earned her PADI Instructor certification in March 2012 and is Sea Experience’s Spanish speaking Instructor.

Favorite Local Dive Site – Willies Way! There’s lots of life and there’s some sandy spots to the sides where you can take off your fins and walk on it matrix style.
Favorite Local Hangout
– Chili’s (they have the skillet queso nachos!)

Jayne Haas

jayne haas A native New Englander, Jayne has been Sea Experience’s Career Development Administrator since December 2010, and is the expert on staff for all programs from the Veterans Administration (including Montgomery GI Bill and Post-911 VA benefits), British Military Resettlement, and Vocational Rehab for all 50 states.

Jayne is also the principal liaison for Sea Experience’s accreditation with the State of Florida Commission for Independent Education. Her knowledge and experience make certain that Sea Experience students receive their maximum funding and entitlements and are enabled to pursue an appropriate career development curriculum. Jayne is often the first point of contact for any student inquiring about training.

Jessica Cole

jessica ColeJessica has been diving since she was 10 years old. She is currently a Divemaster and plans to get her instructor certification. She graduated from the University of North Florida in August 2010 with a degree in psychology, concentration in early childhood development and learning with a minor in Deaf studies/American Sign Language.

Jessica has a true passion for boating, diving, and just the ocean in general. One of her favorite things to do while diving for is catching lobsters. Some call her the “lobster whisperer”. She has been on boats for as long as she can remember and is a native of south Florida.

Favorite Local Dive Site – Loves exploring Tenneco Towers which rests in 112′ of water.
Favorite Local hangout
– Cant resist the food and good times the Bahia Cabana had to offer.

Josh Gutierrez


Hailing from the great state of Texas, Josh dedicated 12 years to the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. Serving with multiple units in Camp Lejune, NC he traveled the world serving with the Marine Corps. Upon medical retirement from the Navy he decided to change course and try his hand at becoming a dive professional and was hooked immediately. Josh enjoys seeing the learning experience come to a student and see them catch the diving bug. His next goals in the diving world is getting TEC certified and TEC instructor rating.
Favorite Local Dive SiteMercedes
Favorite Local HangoutIs work a hangout?

David Shaw

Dave is from Cleveland, but his logbook begins in the Red Sea. He was there on deployment to Egypt in 2009 with the Army.  Over the course of that year, he and his buddies had the time of their lives diving and touring the waters around the Sinai Peninsula.
It moved him so much that he set out to become a professional diver. In 2015, Dave graduated from Sea Experience’s Total Immersion Program. He’s since earned the PADI MSDT rating and the PADI 2015 Elite Instructor Award.
Introducing new scuba divers to the silent world is a big thrill for Dave. And he also enjoys mentoring students in the career program, knowing they’ll go on to inspire new divers, too.

Zack Fowler

Zack-Fowler-webZack, aka “Lobster Pockets” obtained his first diving certification in a muddy lake in Oklahoma for his 14th birthday. He came to Sea Experience upon medically retiring from the United States Army having served in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division as an M240 machine gunner. After graduating our Total Immersion Program, having reached the rating of Master Scuba Diver Trainer he was hired as a full time instructor. He spends almost every day either lobster diving or spearfishing and has turned the waters off the coast of Ft Lauderdale into his second home. Professionally, he enjoys working with students and helping them to become successful, competent and safe PADI Open Water Divers. He is working towards his regulator repair technician certification and hopes to one day work as an AquaLung sales representative .

Favorite Dive Site: Any reef during lobster season
Favorite Local Hangout: Waxeys Pub for poker night