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Dive with Tiger Sharks!

A Shark Lover’s Paradise Take a journey with Sophie Pallavicini, a Sea Experience Dive Instructor, as she recounts her amazing experience with diving with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas.  Then learn how Sea Experience can help prepare YOU for this one of a kind experience!At the break of dawn on October...
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Women’s Dive Day 2017

Throughout the years scuba diving has always been considered a male dominated hobby. PADI has begun to take an initiative to promote women in the dive industry and provide them with opportunities to network with others who have common interests. PADI began a new event called “Women’s Dive Day” that...
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Five Ways to Enjoy Diving This Summer

Go Dive a New LocationFinding new areas to dive can provide a person with the chance to learn the history of an area and also give them more diving experience. When finding a new site to dive always make sure that you have a buddy who is comfortable diving these...
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